Lords of Adventure

Breaking and Entering

The bone demons were proving to be more than the you could handle. Nothing the party did seemed to harm these devil-spawn. The only thing that had been doing any sort of damage was Groin's Spiritual Weapon spell. 

As  Fu Shen resorts to a strategic retreat, Fengar and Groin hear a voice from behind. 

"You might want these!" 

As Fengar and Groin turn in unison, they see the warlock toss them each a weapon. Fengar a sword, and Groin a hammer. Seems he didn't flee the battle, he just stopped off at some sort of hidden armory room from a wall that leads to infinity. No big deal. 

"They're magic! I keep them around for just these kinds of situations. Use them to teach these demons a lesson. I need to get to the crystal table."

The warlock then suddenly disappears as you happily wield your new weapons. Combat resumes as Fengar and Groin are clawed, bloodied and poisoned from the demon's tail. But their new weapons feel good in their hands and both warrior and cleric use them to full effect. 

Taking advantage of the distraction, Fu Shen casts Shatter, which was quite loud and somewhat ineffective. But just as he begins to move again, he feels a tug on his shoulder. 

"Take this" as an invisible hand gives him a rather nice quarterstaff. "I'll be needing that back after the battle my friend."

As the battle ensues, your group turns one bone demon into a pile of ash, while the other succumbs to the crackling portal. As you watch, the demon is sucked into the portal, which immediately closes. 

Down at the crystal table, the warlock now visible, stands with a curious look. "Well that was interesting."

As Groin heals the party, introductions begin. It seems the Warlock's name is Maud Dib, and he has occupied this area of the keep for a few years. He discovered the temple and through research of the wall writings, the various dimensional rooms, he learned that it was built by a race known as the Saleesataka. These beings were dimensional travelers and one elder named Enic became his mentor, teaching him the ways of the Warlock. 

Maud Dib explains that he was, with the help of the crystal in his hand, in a trance state, where he communicates with Enic on what they call a "Mirror Dimension." The replacement of the crystal brought him back after months of living in the astral, where he found his home in bit of chaos. 

After some healing, he leads you into what is now the brewery. "I like what you've done with the place." He then immediately turns around, leading you back out the door. Then again the warlock walks through the door, into what is now a completely different room. 

Large bookshelves line the walls while tables make home to various potions and other wizardry. He wasn't kidding about the Saleesataka being dimensional-savvy. 

Fast forward. Maud Dib tells you of a hidden place that may contain a very valuable crystal gem. A gem that is Sleestak-made. One that would allow a greater use of the crystal table. It would be a fairly dangerous quest. And you would need a thief. But the rewards should prove to be great. 

You recruit Simon, now an accomplished archer and ranger, as well as his brother Liam, a cunning rogue. 

After some travel and a fair amount of searching, you find the doorway to a secret underground dungeon. You steady your resolve as you check the door for traps or some sort of lock. Into the depths you go…


waynebrekke waynebrekke

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