Lords of Adventure

Retaking the Keep

It was a struggle, but you took back the keep. Dispatching the snipers, you goaded out the orcs and took some in the courtyard. Worgs did their best to make you dinner, but keen arrows, some well placed spells, and some dwarven rage made short work of the beasts. 

Inside, the orcs were ready. A head on attack proved useful as a rear attack had advantage thanks to a ceiling-entry by Fu Shen and Simon. Flanking the orcs inside made all the difference. Until the Chieftain's worgs attacked. Even so, well placed arrows took down a worg while the rest of the party took on the chieftan and his remaining orcs. Once the chieftain was down, the orcs fell shortly after. The keep is yours. 

Before the battle, Fu Shen heard that the orc clan was waiting for other clans to join them for a total takeover of the town and surrounding area. Now that the orcs are dead, more are coming, expecting a war party. 

You don't know when or how many, but you think you can get the aid of the stone mason's guild to help fortify the keep while everyone else fortifies the town. 



Sweet! Looking forward to the next adventure!

Retaking the Keep

Boo yah!

It was actually Liam inside who reduced the priest to 1 hp and took the chieftain’s hp way down from the long hallway longbow shots. And let this be his epitaph since he is certain to die next encounter:

His bow was strong
His strike was long
And now he’s gone

Retaking the Keep

Can you guys edit these posts? I have no idea. If so, we can make corrections and add notes and such.

Retaking the Keep
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