Lords of Adventure

The Pylon and the sleeping Warlock

Replacing the large crystal onto the pedestal, you watch as all of the crystals glow with a white light. The light grows as a seam opens in the pylon revealing a pitch black door. 

Cautiously entering the pylon, you see a strange sight. A platform seems to float among the blackness, orbs of light moving slowly and randomly where walls should be. In the "room" is a pedestal with a console of colored crystals similar to the 6 you found in the throne. The console reveals 7 indentations where crystals seem to be missing. On the far end opposite of the crystal, a man and a small pseudo dragon lay motionless on a stone altar. He has a clear crystal in his hand. 

Since you have them, you think it would be a fine idea to randomly put the crystals into the divots on the console. You take the crystal from the hand of the man and along with the others add it to the console one at a time. Each crystal adds energy to the console until a portal opens. 

Your fascination turns to fear as through the portal come Bone Demons. The are intent on making this a very bad day for you.

It's at this time the man and the pseudo dragon awake.  Leaping from the altar, the man casts a spell, hurting one of the demons while the pseudo dragon goes invisible. 

As your party fights the demons, you notice you are having little to no effect on them as you need weapons with silver or magic to harm these foul creatures. It's about then you notice the man run to the back of the room, open an invisible seam, and walk through a door into blackness. 

Meanwhile, the bone demons are feeling quite confident you'll be destroyed soon so that more of their kind can take advantage of the open portal to wreak havoc on this plane. 

What's the deal with the sleeping magic user and his pet? How does this infernal console work? Why are bone demons such assholes? The answer to all these questions are sure to be revealed in our next game session. 


waynebrekke waynebrekke

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